Yeehaw Farm

One bucking thing after another.

What is Yeehaw Farm's whole diet CSA?

The premise of the whole diet CSA (stands for community supported agriculture, if you have living under a rock for the last five years) is to provide meats (beef, pork, goat, veal, chicken and turkey), vegetables, dairy (milk, cheese, butter), eggs, some fruits, grains (whole wheat flour, corn meal, buckwheat flour), and value added products like breads, apple cider, honey, and goat's milk soaps on a seasonal, weekly basis. 

We are already providing all these products for our own family so we figured there had to be a way to sustain our farm and offer our awesome food to others. Thus, the whole diet concept. Whole diet CSA memberships are first come, first serve and are limited to availability.

With the whole diet CSA, members should have some experience cooking with "whole foods" or at least be willing to learn how to do it.  This means learning how to eat seasonally and dinner prep would consist of more than ripping the plastic off of food packages. This would require a radical lifestyle change for some so it's not for everyone. The hardcore locavores will fair well. 

Also, members should be aware that you will become very familiar with "your" farmer.  Since we will be seeing each other on a weekly basis, our life on the farm and daily happenings will be shared.  If you are not comfortable with becoming a part of extended family, then the whole diet is not for you. Yes, you will eventually end up on our Facebook page if you stay on as a member long enough.   

One day a week, we open our farm for an one stop shopping experience right at our farmstore. Shareholders can browse the refrigerators and coolers for dairy and meats, pick up seasonal vegetables and fruits, a weekly bread selection, grain products and other value added farm products, usually seasonal items.  Members would not be limited to a certain amount of food, but we ask that you take only the food that you will use in a week's time.  This will allow members to plan their week's menu on what is available seasonally at our farm stand that week.  Not all meats will be frozen, for example, if we butcher chickens that week, fresh chicken will be available as a meat option.  If you wanted an extra bushel of tomatoes to can in August so that you have tomatoes on hand in January, you would be welcome to them, if we have extra. That's the general idea of the whole diet CSA.

The initial sticker shock of the whole diet CSA may be alarming but if your figure out the math of how much you are normally spending at a grocery store over a year's time, the total amount would come out to about the same, or maybe cheaper! Then, factor in that you would know exactly where your local, fresh, all natural food is coming from, as well as helping to support and sustain a family farm, that is enough to convince me to join!  Oh, wait, I don't have to join...I already do.

And if I can figure out a way to manufacture toilet paper, this will eliminate the need for grocery stores completely! I'm kidding.

Now brace yourself for the price.

Drum roll, please...the cost of the whole diet CSA is $3,000 per person, with a $500 discount for each additional adult member.  Children under age 18 are $100 per year of their age. All family members in the household must be become CSA members. (This CSA is probably not for you if you have 14 children! You should consider buying your own farm if this is the case.) Do the math for your family and divide by 12 months or 52 weeks in a year for a general idea of your's actually a pretty good deal!

Quarterly, monthly, bi weekly and weekly payments are accepted with a security deposit (for the last month of the CSA) and 4%, 8% or 12% percentages tacked on for the payment methods.

Membership enrollment is year round for the whole diet program. We milk those cows twice a day, 365, silly. We also ask potential whole diet CSA shareholders to visit our farm, meet and greet with our family to make sure that we are good fit because simply, some folks just won't "get" us or our humor.

Something that interests you? Contact us.