Yeehaw Farm

One bucking thing after another.

The Yeehaw Farmstore

Located on Yeehaw Farm is our primitive, little farm store.  It actually an old barn shed that is badly in need of a paint job! The farmstore is open on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am until sunset, unless you know where the light switch is located.  You will find a selection of homemade breads, whole wheat soft pretzels, organic vegetables, fruits, dairy products, eggs, whole wheat flour, corn meal, buckwheat flour, honey, goat's milk soap, maple syrup, vinegar, Yeehaw Farm recycled t shirts and sweatshirts and whatever else we can scrounge from the farm to sell.  We run the store on the honor system and our three huge farm dogs request that you honor this system! They are friendly dogs unless you steal something! Stop in to get some farm fresh goodies, visit the farm and support our family farm! It will make you feel good about yourself.