Yeehaw Farm

One bucking thing after another.

More than you need to know and then some.

Yeehaw Farm...that's what happens when you let your youngin's name the farm!            (Sasha, the Jersey dairy cow wants to know what's going on too!)

 Yeehaw Farm, located in the Cove, Perry County, Pennsylvania is a 4th generation family farm.  Our family of ten includes my two old parents, Pops and Squaw, my blind brother, Yimp, my cranky husband, Tom, our four weird youngin's, Jake, Seth, Boo and Sarah and myself, Judi. Not to be forgotten in our hodge podge family is our beloved "intern", Laura, a gal we have adopted as our own because well, really, who else can put up with us?  We all live on our farm, which is a very diversified 160 acreage, located at the foot of the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.

Yeehaw Farm is a bat shit crazy farm family of three generations currently living, working and farming together. We have been compared to the Waltons, except we cuss. We do things a little different on Yeehaw, not because we are set on being unique but basically, it boils down to the way we have always done things. Change is hard for us. Self sufficiency and sustainability is a goal of our farm ever since we got started just because it makes sense and cents. From hand milking our small dairy herd to milling our own lumber and grains, it's just the way we do things around this old farm. It makes for an interesting life and we love it.

If you would like to get in on the action at Yeehaw Farm, we run a whole diet CSA, which is exactly what it implies. If you sign up for membership to our whole diet CSA, we could potentially provide you with your WHOLE diet. You know? Milk, eggs, butter, meats, vegetables, grains and lots of other goodies. Another option is Yeehaw Farm's meat CSA, in which members receive once a month home deliveries of beef, pork and chicken. Yes, that's right. We deliver right to your door step because we are stupid. (You could also sign up to receive goat, lamb, turkey and veal with those home deliveries if money comes easy for you because I am not going to lie, eating good food isn't cheap.)  If you are hell bent on visiting our farm because for some reason, you feel the need to meet a real live farmer, our farm store is open Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays from 11am to sunset(unless you know where the light switch is) and spend some money first. We would really appreciate that.

Listen. Before I updated this website, I used to toot our own horn about how awesome we are at farming. Non GMO this and heirloom that. Using words such as pesticide free, chemical free, organic practices, sustainable, blah, blah, blah. Now, I just say that you need to come talk to us and see for yourself. See the weeds on our farm (if that's not an indication that we don't use herbicides, then I don't know what is), see the animals running around aimlessly and I will get on my soap box and explain all the benefits of eating healthy, real, WHOLE foods because that's what I do.

Oh, you could also follow us on Facebook to see what's happening on the farm because it's my only outlet for this craziness that surrounds me on a daily basis.