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All about our meat CSA

*We are currently working on changing our meat CSA options. (Man, we have been working on this updated version for...I swear, three years now? Good God.)  Three new options for this year will be an All Meats package, consisting of beef, pork, veal, goat, lamb, turkey, chicken and fish; a pork and chicken option share and a chicken share.  Please contact us for details until we are able to update the website. Last year's meat CSA option is as follows.

Shareholders of our meat CSA will receive 20lbs of beef, pork and chicken for full shares and 10lbs for half shares once a month.  Beef makes up 60% of the share (about 50% ground beef, 30% roasts and 20% steaks). Pork and chicken make up the remaining 40% of your meat package.  During the winter months, members could expect a delivery of some fresh meats (mostly beef and pork items) and some frozen.  Since chicken is a seasonal meat, members will mostly receive fresh chicken over the summer months (and frozen in the winter months). This will allow for a nice variety in your meat delivery.  Goat, lamb and veal are available depending on availability for an additional fee.  Goat, lamb and veal orders must be placed one month prior to delivery to allow for processing.

 Members also have the option of adding monthly egg deliveries to your share for $3.00 a dozen.  All of our products are all natural, pasture raised, grass fed and finished with our own grain.

We encourage potential meat CSA members to visit, meet and greet with your farmers and see our farming practices first hand. 


Meat CSA only

12 months full share: $1,600

6 months full share: $875

12 months half share: $925

6 months half share: $500