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My 2012 New Year'sResolution

Posted by Judi F Radel on October 7, 2011 at 11:40 AM Comments comments (0)

Since I am such an unbelievably organized person, I have already decided on my 2012 New Year's Resolution. (Cough, gag, sputter...what? Organized? Me? Hardy har, har! Obviously, my true calling is a comedian, instead of a farmer.) So, anyway, what was I talking about? Oh, yeah. Right. My New Year's Resolution.

Keep in mind that I don't normally make New Year's Resolution because 1. I don't keep them. 2. I think they are silly. Why wait until the start of a new year to begin this supposed new phase in your life? Start right away. Start the day that you decide that you are going to do something different with your life. That said, I am planning on starting my 2012 New's Resolution today. 

Drum roll, 2012 New Year's Resolution is to keep up with this farm blog on a more regular basis.  Except in the spring and summer when I am off grid. And too busy to report on all the farm happenings. For six months out of the year, I plan to be more accessible and ready to roll out the presses for the farm releases. 

So, you say, what is happening on Yeehaw Farm these days?

Hmmm. Well. Hmmm. Not much. It's pretty boring on the farm lately.  Well, okay, I lie. Actually, we aren't as busy this time of year as we were over this past spring and summer but things have calmed down a little.  I can now resume breathing. Ahhh, air in my lungs, oh how I have missed you! 

With fall finally in the air, the last few days have been a blessing compared to the extremely wet, recording breaking precipitation filled year. I love fall on the farm. I love the harvest and getting ready to bunker down for the winter.  Even though, we haven't finished the vegetable season for 2011, I am looking forward to the 2012 growing season.  I am considering different ways to do things in crop production that could make things easier and more efficient.

Want to read something funny?  I started this blog entry last Friday and it's now...what day of the week?   Um...yeah, I think it's Wednesday.  So much for my resolution. Thank goodness that I started in October, two months before the actual resolution has to be taken seriously. 

I just hope that when it's time for my final days on this Earth, that I still lack time management skills and miss my own funeral.  This is the only time that I can think of that my lacking skill will be beneficial.

Until then...I will do better with this blog. Promise. (With my fingers crossed!)  

I can't believe it's been that long since I blogged!?

Posted by Judi F Radel on December 15, 2010 at 12:24 PM Comments comments (0)


As I sit here at my computer keyboard, I have a million other tasks that need to be started, or completed.  Like my Christmas tree as it sits in my living room, undecorated, leaning cock eyed in old stainless steel milker bucket.  I really should take the time to at least string some lights on it.  Maybe I will get to it...maybe I won't.  Or my mountain of laundry that never ends. I should really take the time to try to wash, fold and put some of it away. Inevitably, it ends on up on a pile on our pool table, unsorted, unfolded, strewn together like interwoven basket of choas. At least, it's clean laundry. I can usually manage to get it washed and dried. It's the sorting, folding and putting away that always snags me up.  I have a million of these excuses as to why I haven't blogged in coon's age. I have a New's Year's resolution to keep up with my blogging but that's not until New Year's so I still have some time to goof off.  I better go. That Christmas tree of ours really needs decorated.

Another blog? I can't handle the one I have.

Posted by Judi F Radel on January 11, 2010 at 9:58 AM Comments comments (0)

So, here I am at a crossroads, so to speak. I need to blog on this website to keep it fresh and so you know what's going on at Yeehaw Farm.  But I already have another personal blog which I updated yesterday (1/10/10). I can't think of any new material to blog about today. You see, my brain is mush.  I'm tired and I have a lot to do today...half of which is not going to get done anyway.

So, what do I do? Do I continue my personal blog, do I try to maintain both or do I put all emphasis on this one? I'm confused. Today, just for the sake of getting something on this farm blog, I am going to link you to my personal blog which is really about the farm anyway. So, check it out and in the future, I hope to have some fresh material on both blogs.

The other blog is  If you check it out, it will explain the dead fish photo at the top of this blog. 

Until later, my friends.